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A WVDE workshop for K-12 Technology Integration Specialists throughout West Virginia

* Note about NextSeps for techSteps - this wiki was created as a collaborative "document" that was used during delivery of a specific professional development session. While some details might be outdated, the concept of adapting techSteps lessons and the resources Dr. Williamson presented were too good to just delete. Participants were placed in groups of 2 - 4 and instructed to choose a techSteps lesson to "beef up" or adapt for a certain content area. The before and after lessons can be found on the Matrix pages.

Presenter: Dr. Jo Williamson, Kennesaw State University

About the presenter:

drjo.JPGDr. Jo Williamson is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership/Instructional Technology at Kennesaw State Unversity (KSU), located 25 miles north of Atlanta, GA. Her teaching and research agenda focuses on preparing technology leaders and promoting high-quality technology implementation in K-12 schools. EdTechLeader.net

Dr Williamson is the author of Technology Leadership and Facilitation Standards: What Every k-12 Leader Should Know and Be Able to Do (ISTE, 2009). She serves on ISTE's Conference and Standards/Accreditation committees.

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