Grade Level

Grade 8

Current Project

Animate a Change Process

Current Learning Standards Addressed

21C.O.5-8.1.LS.2 Student interprets abstract visuals and creates products (e.g. digital storytelling) that reflect a growing understanding of visual language and require the effective use of tools (e.g. cropped photos, original charts and graphs, well-chosen images from databases, video clips).

21C.O.5-8.1.LS3 Student presents thoughts, ideas, and conceptual understanding efficiently, accurately and in a compelling manner and enhances the oral or written presentation through the use of technology.

21C.O.5-8.1.TT.7 Student uses advanced features and utilities of presentation software (e.g., design templates, design layouts (fonts/ colors/ backgrounds) animation and graphics, inserting pictures, objects, movies, sound, charts, hyperlinks, and graphs) to create an original product.

Summary of Current Lesson

To address Science standards, students will animate changes over time i.e. the development of a town or a biological process.

Analysis of indicators of Engaged Learning in Current Lesson (strengths and opportunities for improvement).

The lesson is standards-based and incorporates both technology and cross-curricular activities.Since students create an original project from a list of suggested topics, it does not emerge from students' curiosity. Students should be allowed brainstorming sessions/input to animate a change of their own choosing. The samples given are fairly simple animations and a more-involved sample should be presented.

Summary of Technology Uses in Current Lesson

Students create a background in Microsoft PowerPoint and duplicate that background on x number of slides. They move an object to produce animation.

NEW Adaptation Title

Animated Science Storybooks

Learning Standards Added (if any)

any and all Science standards for grade levels k-8

Summary of Your Adaptation

Students are given a copy of the Science CSOs for their chosen grade level. Students choose a CSO that picques their curiosity to animate. The CSO should involve a process of change. Students will then develop a PowerPoint that animates the changing process with a narrative utilizing Voice Thread.

How you strengthened the use of technology and the Indicators of Engaged Learning

Because students will have a choice of grade level and topic the activity has become student-driven. The presentations will be shared with the appropriate grade level teachers for classroom use. The students assume professional roles as the science experts. Task concludes with a performance/product to be used in teaching younger students scientific principles. These storybooks will be linked to the school website for easy access with the final goal to create a county resource linking projects created by students from all the schools. An alternative would be to create the presentation on an iPad using the Flip It! application which creates a flip book. Either project could be published as a podcast.