Grade Level


Current Project

Imagine you are running for Mayor. Work with an advertising agent to prepare a script for a 30-second TV spot.

Current Learning Standards Addressed

SS.S.12.1 Citizenship
SS.O.12.1.5: illustrate how political parties, campaigns, and elections provide opportunities for citizens to participate in the political process.
SS.O.12.2.22: assess the connections between campaign financing, the media and the electoral process, and then formulate a proposal for campaign reform and predict the outcome.
21C.S.9-12.1 Information and Communication Skills
21C.O.9-12.1.LS.2: Student analyzes and interprets visuals and recognizes the impact digital media influences (e.g. design, technique, and rate of speed) have on audiences. The student’s visual products reflect a sophisticated understanding of subject, digital media and design techniques.

21C.O.9-12.1.TT.5: Student uses advanced features of word processing software (e.g., outline, table of contents, index feature, draw tool, headers and footers, track changes, macros, hyperlinks to other file formats, etc.).

21C.S.9-12.2: Thinking and Reasoning Skills
21C.O.9-12.2.LS.1: Student engages in a critical thinking process that supports synthesis and conducts evaluation using complex criteria.

Summary of Current Lesson

You will:
  • Analyze examples of TV spots, identifying rhetorical and media techniques used to influence voters
  • Develop a script for a campaign ad of your own
  • Annotate your script to point out specific persuasive techniques
  • Express an opinion about the effectiveness and integrity of the use of the media in campaigns

Analysis of indicators of Engaged Learning in Current Lesson (strengths and opportunities for improvement).

Indicator strengths: Students assume an adult role and they are required to use critical thinking and problem solving strategies. They are producing a product.
Opportunities for improvement: The product could be published to a targeted audience. The product needs multiple and unpredictable results.

Summary of Technology Uses in Current Lesson

Word, (Watching) Video, Internet

NEW Adaptation Title

Vote for me

Learning Standards Added (if any)

Summary of Your Adaptation

Students will choose between two characters (John Smith and Abnu Gruia) and create a campaign ad on a topic of current concern. The students will choose the medium and platform for their ad for a mock election.

How you strengthened the use of technology and the Indicators of Engaged Learning

The students have the choice of audio, video, or printed media. The products will be able to be created using various technology tools, such as Movie Maker, Audacity, Flip Cams, Microsoft Publisher, etc. The students will be more engaged due to the choices of technology and topics of concern that they are campaigning for/against.