Grade Level

7th Grade/Social Studies

Current Project

Fact and Fiction/PowerPoint

Current Learning Standards Addressed

RLA.O.7.2.5 from a prompt use the five-step writing process to develop a focused compostion that contains specific, relevant details and vivid and precise words.
21C.O.5-8.1.LS3 student presents thoughts, ideas, and conceptual understnading efficiently, accurately and in a compelling manner and enhances the oral or written presentation through the use of technology
21C.O.5-8.1.TT.7 students uses advanced features and utilitites of presentation software to create an original product

Summary of Current Lesson

Research a topic and write a fictional story that includes factual information

Analysis of indicators of Engaged Learning in Current Lesson (strengths and opportunities for improvement).

Indicator Strengths: The current module is standards-based in that it addresses state content and technology literacy standards. Additionally, the lesson could be considered multi-disciplinary, combining both language arts and social studies curricula. The student's role is a producer, while the teacher is a facilitator.

Opportunities for Improvement: This module lacks authenticity; further multi-disciplinary components can be added. As the it stands, there is no collaboration among peer. Additionally, the audience is limited to the classroom.

Summary of Technology Uses in Current Lesson

The current lesson uses only PowerPoint and some internet research.

NEW Adaptation Title

A Day in the Life

Learning Standards Added (if any)

SS.O.7.4.15 explan culture in a geographic context
SS.O.7.4.6 compare and contrast the belief, religion, and mythology of native cultures throughout the world
SS.O.7.5.8 interpret the effect of the environment on native cultures
21C.O.5-8.1TT.9 uses telecommunication tools to learn academic content and to gather, share, and publish infomation to various audiences.
21C.O.5-8.3.I.S.4 demonstrate ethical behavior and works responsibly and collaboratively with others, in academic and social contexts, to accomplish both individual and team goals related to improved academic, extracurricular and co-curricular performances.
21C.O.5-8.1.LS.1 when presnted with a problem, identiy the information needed, use text, people, online databases, and search enginesto filter relevant infoamtion efficiently, analyze information for biases, synthesize information gathered and create an effective and efficient response to the problem.

Summary of Your Adaptation

Authenticity will be added through the use of global connections. Students will gather information about another culture through interviews and research. Fact gathering will be done through pen pals as primary sources. Pen pals may be contacted through electronic means, such as email or video conferencing. Like the original lesson, students will create a fictional PowerPoint story based on the cultural data gathered.

How you strengthened the use of technology and the Indicators of Engaged Learning

Technology is strenghthened through the use of electronic communication.

The weaknesses described above have been addressed through the gathering of information from primary sources, adding to the lesson's authenticity. In addition, collaboration is increased through electronic and classroom communication. In order to widen the audience, presentations can be shared with the pen pals from other countries/cultures and posted on sites such as ThinkQuest or Edline.