techsteps_art_little2.jpgDirections for "Next Steps for techSteps"

  1. Choose a techSteps lesson. (See for a suggested list of pre-reviewed lessons that would really work well!)
  2. Using the Indicators of Engaged Learning and the Engaged Learning Rubric handouts, evaluate which indicators of engaged learning are strong and weak in your chosen lesson.
  3. Brainstorm for ways to improve the weak indicators (most likely authenticity, student direction, and/or collaboration) using technology.
  4. Record your findings in the Next Steps for techSteps Wiki. To do this, click "New Page" on the left side of this page, select "Use a Template" and select "Master Review Page". Give your page a name, as directed by today's trainer. The template page contains a table with sections that you'll delete and replace with the requested information.


  5. Prepare a 2-3 minute oral presentation of your proposed improvements. We'll use the wiki as a visual aid.
  6. If you have extra time, choose another techSteps lesson and repeat steps 1 - 5. Generate as many ideas and look at as many techSteps lessons as you can.
  7. All the Next Steps pages will be linked to the Lesson Matrix at the conclusion of this event. Feel free to share this information with others at your schools and your county.

NOTE* Be sure to look at the Recommended Adaptations


NOTE* Use the Standards Matrix in the techSteps website to identify a lesson's standards.