Define engagement:
  • To be truly thought-provoking, fascinating, energizing
  • To pull learners deeper in to the content and learning process
  • To involve learners in worthy intlelectual effort
  • To activate learners intrinsic desire and motivation to build understanding so they propel their own learning in new and exciting ways

Why is engagement important?

  • Because if students are engaged, they will retain what they learned.

What is Understanding?

  • to make sense of what one knows
  • to be able to know why it is so
  • to "uncover" the principles, laws, theories, or concepts underlying content facts
  • to think critically, deeply and insightfully about a topic or discipline - as an expert in the field is able to do
  • to be able to manifest complex, new knowledge through appropriate erformances
  • to be able to retain and transfer what is learned

What is retention?

  • to act of retaining knowledge or keeping concepts in mind

What is transfer?

  • to adapt/use knowledge appropriately and fruitfully in a new or different context

Wiggins, G. & McTighe (2006) UBD