Grade Level


Current Project

How Does Fair Food Fare

Current Learning Standards Addressed

M.O.6.5.1 collect, organize, display, read, interpret and analyze real-world data using appropriate graphs and tables (with and without technology).
21C.O.5-8.1.TT.6 Student uses advanced features and utilities of spreadsheet software, (e.g. functions, formulas, filters, sorts, creates graphs and charts), to perform calculations and to organize, analyze and report data.

21C.O.5-8.2.LS3 Student engages in a problem solving process that divides complex problems into simple parts in order to devise solutions.

21C.O.5-8.2.TT4 Student formulates a plan and uses technology tools and multiple media sources to compare and analyze information in order to solve real-world problems.

Summary of Current Lesson

Analyze the calories and fat content of some of the most popular food items at a fair.

Analysis of indicators of Engaged Learning in Current Lesson (strengths and opportunities for improvement).

Strengths: In using data information, students interpret data and make mathematical applications in a written report. There is a basic health/math correlation.

Opportunities for Improvement: Rather than only requiring that students use a provided list, challenge students to make a real world/authentic application. As it is, we aren't sure what audience is being targeted. Also, a rich, collaborative environment is lacking because each student regurgitates data into duplicated products. It's missing multi-disciplinary correlations/integration, students are merely participants in the teacher-centered environment. Social/group problem solving skills are void because it is written only as an independent activity. Assessments are not generative but purely performance based like a traditional "drill-n-kill!"

Summary of Technology Uses in Current Lesson

Students make a spreadsheet model to explore situations, use a spreadsheet formula to perform multiple calculations, create a compound bar chart, and analyze data to determine patterns and relationships.

NEW Adaptation Title

How Does Your Food Fare?

Learning Standards Added (if any)

Summary of Your Adaptation

Include a 1 to 2 paragraph summary of what students are expected to do in order to learn the standards. This would be the same concept as the summary of the current lesson, but will now reflect your new adaptations. See sample.

How you strengthened the use of technology and the Indicators of Engaged Learning

It's standard's based and students will formulate their own data using research procedures. It would be much more authentic because students will work with relevant, real world applications. Each project can be individualized or collaborative in a student-centered, investigative extended learning opportunity.