Grade Level

8th grade

Current Project

The History of Native Americans in West Virginia
The Cultural Traits of Native American Tribes (WV)

Current Learning Standards Addressed

Social Studies
SS.O.08.05.03 point out characteristics of various Native American cultures in West Virginia from the pre-Columbian period to the arrival of Europeans.

Reading and English Language Arts
RLA.O.8.2.05 from a prompt use the five-step writing process to develop a focused composition that contains specific, relevant details, and vivid, precise words.

Learning Skills and Technology Tools
21C.O.5-8.1.LS2 Student interprets abstract visuals and creates products (e.g. digital storytelling) that reflect a growing understanding of visual language and require the effective use of tools (e.g. cropped photos, original charts and graphs, well-chosen images from databases, video clips).

21C.O.5-8.1.LS3 Student presents thoughts, ideas, and conceptual understanding efficiently, accurately and in a compelling manner and enhances the oral or written presentation through the use of technology.

21C.O.5-8.1.TT1 Student connects peripheral devices (e.g., scanners, digital cameras, video projectors, USB drives, printers, media storage devices) to computers and uses them efficiently and effectively. Student accesses server and/or network resources (e.g., file folders/software programs, bookmarked sites).

21C.O.5-8.1.TT4 Student uses audio, video, pictures, clip art, moviemaker programs, webpage design software, electronic documents, and other files to create and publish electronic products to communicate with various audiences inside and outside the classroom.

21C.O.5-8.1.TT7 Student uses advanced features and utilities of presentation software (e.g., design templates, design layouts (fonts/ colors/ backgrounds) animation and graphics, inserting pictures, objects, movies, sound, charts, hyperlinks, and graphs) to create an original product.

21C.O.5-8.1.TT9 Student uses telecommunications tools (e.g., email, web pages, blogs, discussion groups, list-servs, etc.) to learn academic content and to gather, share and publish information to various audiences.

21C.O.5-8.3.LS3 Student sets challenging goals and strategically plans to reach those goals, monitors performance and adjusts effort and strategies, seeks assistance when needed, and demonstrates focused commitment to reaching the established goals.

21C.O.5-8.3.TT6 Student applies productivity/ multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, group collaboration, self-directed learning, lifelong learning, and assistance for individuals with disabilities including supplemental assistive technology tools.

Summary of Current Lesson

Students know that prior to European settlement there were many native American tribes in western Virginia each with its own cultural trails.

Students can describe different cultures by reference to traits such as food, clothing, housing, language, transportation, arts, recreation, education, beliefs, and government, .

The student can design and produce a multimedia product that uses narration, graphics, animations, and music to tell a story.

Analysis of indicators of Engaged Learning in Current Lesson (strengths and opportunities for improvement).

Indicator Strengths: The current adaptation focuses on the Standards-based objectives in Reading and Language Arts and Social Studies. The students are required to produce a multimedia project (digital story) that would require historically sound research. The products are being assessed through a rubric that covers not only the writing process but also the presentation of the multimedia project.
Indicator Weakness: Not very challenging because it does not move past the knowledge and comprehension levels. Not very authentic because it is not student-directed; not a real-life scenario or problem; it doesn't require higher level thinking or problem solving strategies and there are no open ended questions or stimulate unpredictable results with multiple solutions.

Summary of Technology Uses in Current Lesson

The students are to use software such as Photostory3, Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint,

NEW Adaptation Title

Preserving Native American Heritage in West Virginia

Learning Standards Added (if any)


Summary of Your Adaptation

As an authentic project students will be asked to research Native American groups and relics in their district. (for example the Salt Rock petroglyphs) They will participate in producing a digital story about the history of these artifacts hoping to share them with the county and state legislatures for beginning the process of preserving them as a National Historic Site. To further this project a wiki or blog or site could be developed and maintained by the students to gain support and educate the community about our rich heritage.

How you strengthened the use of technology and the Indicators of Engaged Learning

A 1 to 2 paragraph summary/reflection on how you strengthened the indicators of engaged learning. Also include any revisions to the technologies suggested to support this lesson and how these revisions support various indicators of engaged learning. See sample.
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